IS Poster Day 2022

I had a great time presenting the motivation, methods, and early findings of our bioart case study at the UMBC Department of Information Systems Student Research Symposium (fka IS Poster Day). Last year we had the symposium virtually on Gather Town, which was very cool, but didn’t capture the old science fair feeling quite like standing next to a (visually) trifold poster does.

Continued reflection on my conversations and the questions people asked has generated a lot of new ideas, moving me toward concrete data analysis and writing plans. Awesome!

We also had a virtual poster session on VoiceThread. Checkout my poster and short talk.

Lydia is presenting her poster to george, with other students and posters in the background, looking down a long hall
Presenting my poster to my classmate George, who I enjoy talking about AI and ethics.
Lydia and Fahmida stand by Lydia's poster in the background of the photo. In the foreground, two students talk with another student, who smiles next to his poster, which is titled, "Ubiquitous Heart Rate Monitoring System via Remote Photoplethysmograph" with ARL and ArtIAMAS logos. They are in the hallway.
Catching up (in the background) with my imaging and digital media history and theory classmate Fahmida, who is working on the next stage of Raaz!
Lydia standing to the left of her poster, "Exploring Experience through Bioart and HCI" which is on a poster stand in a hallway. Lydia is holding a book, the title visible, "Art as Experience" by John Dewey. She is also holding a pen and half eaten oreo and wearing a kn95 mask pulled down on her chin to show a big smile.
The book is Art as Experience, by John Dewey (and yes, an Oreo). The title of this book makes me feel a little better about the generic title of my poster.

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