Photo of Lydia standing in the dry river bead of a gorge (Ganges River) filled with large gray and pastel colored stones. Lydia is looking down at her hands, holding something small. Misty green trees cover a steep embankment and a small, reddish-brown dog faces her from the bottom left corner.

co-creating just eco-social futures

Everyday, I celebrate my experience with humanities, public health, human-centered computing, teaching, and research and the mentors and friends who encourage and accompany me.

I enjoy traveling and coming home to Baltimore where I make interactive collages and dabble in creative biomaking, sound, and digital media to explore and connect with myself and others.

I’m a doctoral student in the Human-Centered Computing program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and a research assistant in the Designing pARticipatory futurEs lab. I conduct qualitative and arts-based research with community labs, environmental justice advocates, bioartists, and other inspiring scholars and practitioners.

My disciplinary home is human-computer interaction with an interest in science and technology studies. My published work is on Google Scholar.