Hello! Welcome to my website. I am a PhD student in the Human-Centered Computing program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) working in the Designing pARticipatory futurEs (DARE) lab. Before that, I spent a year investigating affective computing and how ethical issues related to sensing technologies at the border between public and private spaces (specifically “smart” video doorbells and home security cameras) can be understood using ecological systems theory.

A black and white photo of a video camera doorbell mounted on the storefront of an astrology parlor. The words "ring bell" are printed vertically above the camera doorbell in what looks like plastic lettering, with an arrow pointing to it.
Credit to my finsta.

I am working on expanding my methods toolbox to include research-through design and participatory and community-engaged research and design. I’m interested in questions involving cultural and environmental sustainability, transformative education, accessibility, affect and emotion, and tangible and embodied interaction.

An augmented reality image of McKeldin Square Fountain with stacks of library books in the background.
McKeldin Square Fountain lives on inside the UMBC library thanks to Nonument.